Sunday 23rd January 2022


Factory of glass tile, glass mosaic tile in China

About us


Homee is a professional mosaic tile manufacturer in China and known for making a variety of high-end mosaic models with superior quality and services.

Founded in 2005, we have been a preferred source for stylish and and good quality mosaic tiles for customers from major continents. Since its foundation, Homee is dedicated to the R& D and production of mosaic tiles only. Homee mosaic tiles are rich in colors, sizes, finishes, materials and styles. The production process is complicated and requires good technologies and management.

Homee is now more than ever devoted to the product design and development for both trendy and lasting mosaic tiles, hand made ceramic tiles and other designer tiles.


Besides a professional factory, Homee has a professional import-export company and foreign trade sales team. Offering factory direct prices with trading company services is our specialty and promise for being in business. Homee′s core business is manufacturing OEM orders for overseas customers.


We has many production line. With our expanded design team, we are offering a wide variety of brand new products. Except for glass, we process ceramic, terracotta, stone, metal and more materials in our factory. More research to the materials and techniques made our products rich in material, finish and texture.


Providing marketable products together with our considerate and adequate services all the way. Customers like our serices rather than product only because we help them achieve their overal goal more easily.


We can be your first choice when you are looking for marketable prodcts or a better supplier of the product you are looking for.


Make” is the core of our business but we try our utmost to make us difference. From product to service, we are doing not only different but also more.