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10 years in business
10 years dedicated to MOSAIC tiles. Founded in 2005, HOMEE has been in business for 10 years. During this 10 years, we specialize in the mosaic tile only.

Quality Management
Homee factory has been audited by SGS each year for quality management system since 2011. We are certified for practicing good quality management and making continuous improvement.

Hand made products can be with certain deviation, but we strive to make it as small as possible. Stone is natural, but we just select it for the best result.

Fast Shipping
Shorter time and on time.Time is money. We strive to keep our delivery time short and punctual through improving management and work efficiency.

Customer-oriented service.
We listen to customers earnestly and care about their needs and comments seriously. It is our desire to be always helpful

Replace or refund guarantee.
Dealing with HOMEE is Zero risk, we take 100% responsibility for the product we made. If product does not meet your requirement, we replace or your money back.


This year, HOMEE will eye on products innovation and do a better job on product design and development.

Formed in 2005 as a trading company in Shenzhen, HOMEE was one of those pioneers in China exporting crystal mosaics together with a wide range of other series mosaic tiles to the world. At that time, there are quite few mosaic factories in China and many of them did not export their products directly.  Homee made a good acquaintance of many customers from different continents and also gained a good reputation for providing customer-oriented services.
In 2007 to 2013, in order to control the production and improve our service standard to our customers, we set up our own factories and also work with our partner factories. Year by year, we know more about the production technics and control the product quality better. Customers of HOMEE are quite assured about the quality of their shipment.

 In 2016 and the future, HOMEE will work hard on the product design and development while keeping our merits: quality and service.